How It Works 

Ordering has never been so easy! Below are step-by-step instructions on how to place your order. 


• STEP ONE: Choose your favorite design.
• STEP TWO: Select the details needed to place your order. Fill out the text box form with all of your order information.
• STEP THREE: Add it to your cart and checkout. During the checkout there is a “notes” section where you can leave additional information. (if needed)
• STEP FOUR: If you chose an order that requires a photo(s), please e-mail it/them to me at
• STEP FIVE: That’s it! Your order will be e-mailed directly to you within 24 hours. You can print the file wherever you’d like and as many times as you want!


Please be sure to add my email address to your “safe senders” so my email does not go to your junk/spam folder. I ALWAYS complete orders within 24 hours. If you do not receive it, it likely went to spam or there was a problem with the address you gave me. Please contact me right away if you do not receive your order on time.


If you need any revisions to your order received please reply via email with your modifications and edits. I keep orders for 14 days. If any changes are needed requests need to be made within the 14 day time allowed. 

HOW TO PRINT – Professional Print Shop

You can print at your choice of print shop such as Office Depot, Costco, Staples, Walmart, Kinkos, etc. 

Please check with your printing company before placing your order to see if they require bleed lines. Bleed lines are the portion cut off during printing. 

Costco: to print a 5×7 they require a 5.125×7.25 size
Staples: to print a 5×7 they require a 5.25×7.25 size

If you place your order and determine after the order has been completed that you need a different size you will have to purchase my size change fee.

Keep in mind that My Designs ONLY creates the files to have printed and is not responsible for the printing aspect of the files. That is solely the responsibility of the buyer. Once printed, if any of the files look different in any way from how the files emailed to you view, that is a technical issue with your printing vendor and NOT the file(s) sent to you. In other words, the file views crisply but prints blurry or pixelated.

NOTE: You may need to ask company to print your order without the “auto correct” so the colors print appropriately. Choose a matte finish which will give a more professional looking result.

HOW TO PRINT – Printing at home 

You can print your order at home.

The backgrounds and colors that you see on your files are part of the design. You will always use BRIGHT WHITE card stock or matte photo paper for printing your files.

The quality of your party printable and the print job make all the difference in producing professional looking results for your thank you cards. My preference is printing on a heavyweight card stock through a professional print shop or at home.

• Set your printer on the best quality vs. speed when printing. Adjust your printer settings as needed to change print output and produce desired results
• Set your printer’s scaling option to “100%”
• Print on a high quality heavy weight (110#-130#) bright white card stock or premium matte photo paper

If a portion of the file is printing, that is an indication that you’ll need to select ‘Fit To Page’ in your printer settings so that it will print the entire page. If the files are printing in slightly different colors, you might check the ink cartridges to see if they need replacement or adjust the intensity settings on your printer. Generally, these solutions always solve these common problems.

Your files will print exactly as they view. If they look different in any way once printed, that is a technical issue with your printer and NOT the file(s) sent to you. In other words, if the file views crisply but prints blurry or pixelated, the files were saved incorrectly and you’re printing at a lower resolution than provided. 


DIY Party Printables – You will edit your party printable using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Simply type over sample text with your own. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included in every order. Download Adobe Reader here for FREE:

• STEP ONE: Choose your favorite design
• STEP TWO: Add item to your cart and Checkout. Creating an account during checkout will allow you to easily access your files. Account Tab > Downloads > Product Download. If you checkout as a guest you will receive an email confirmation that provides you with a download link.
• STEP THREE: Download your Editable Party Printable and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Edit, Save & Print! It is that simple. 


Your party printables CAN be printed at home, or a professional print shop such as Staples, Fed Ex Kinkos, Office Max, etc. If you wish to print at a photo lab such as Walmart, Costco, etc. you will need to convert the EDITED PDF file to a SINGLE JPG. I include step-by-step instructions on how to do so in each order. You can also use the JPG format for emailing or posting on social media. When printing from home you can print double sided. My templates are designed so the front and back line up perfectly. Print the front side. Flip and feed through the printer again.